Friday, July 24, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

20 Hottest Cosplay Girls Ever

Aeon Flux

She looks good in the game, the big screen, the cartoon and in real-life.

Princess Leia

Cali Cosplay

Emma Frost

Cosplay Libre- Jeudi

 This stunning Jeudi made an appearance at the Japan Expo.

Cosplay Mario

 One of the originals getting its due justice.


Sara Jean Underwood

Elexis Sinclaire



 Jade from Mortal Kombat.


Tomb Raider

Power Girl

Psylocke - Lana Le

Red Sonja


Sandor Clegane

Sonya Blade and Kitana

Tanya Tate

Tifa Lockhart

 Here she is again, in her traditional clothing. Much better than her darker wear.

Tifa Lockhart

 The first of two times the badass Tifa Lockhart appears on this list

Triss Merrigold

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Aura Rinoa Cosplay

Aura Rinoa has been cosplaying for 11 years! She’s an Italian girl, 28 and a freelance designer and she’s put those design skills to good use with her cosplay costumes. Her initial cosplay was pretty average but as the years passed she’s really perfected her design skills and her latest costumes are incredible.
Keep up to date on which cosplay costumes she’s working on and see all her photos on her official website or check out her hottest photos with my Aura Rinoa Cosplay Photo Gallery: