Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Top 10 Hottest Cammy Cosplay Photos

Instead of profiling a girl today, I’m profiling a character, Cammy from Street Fighter… and the reason why? Because she’s easily one of the most sought after cosplay characters online (except maybe Emma Frost). Everyone wants to see the hottest Cammy cosplay costumes and I’m happy to provide! Check out my top 10 hottest Cammy cosplay photos below. Starting from 10 (you need to scroll to the bottom to see number 1… it’s worth it). I do need to mention, there’s thousands of Cammy cosplay photos online but to find truly hot ones was a really hard task, the costume is naturally figure hugging which requires an incredible body to show it off. That being said after weeks of crafting the list I was successful in making a really solid top 10 cammy cosplay list. Enjoy! 

                                      10. We start off with Umi Kani and her glowing, artistic pic.

9. Ivette has posted quite a few photos of herself as Cammy on Deviantart. This is my favorite.

8. Tonja is a model and cosplay girl from Hungary and her Cammy photo is a little mysterious, and leaves nothing to the imagination… thankfully.

7. One cool, calm and collected Street Fighter wearing an Alternative Cammy outfit.

6. When you search for Cammy cosplay on google, this girl’s Cammy photoshoot frequently appears, so I couldn’t not post her photos here. To really appreciate her Cammy costume you need to see all 3 pics, but they’re all so similar I’m classing them as one photo.

5. Sometimes the weather can be a little nippy… but at least this Cammy cosplay girl stayed professional.

4. This photo is the number one most upvoted Cammy image on Reddit, so I gotta respect that. I don’t have details on the girl but I would guess it was just another beautiful hottie at Comic Con.

3. Just straight up some beautiful Cammy cosplay.

2. Sometimes you don’t need to showoff your body to create a super hot photo and this is a great example. A seductive blonde with mesmerizing eyes.

1. Number one goes to a girl with the worst online nickname… rufflebutt. She spent many hours working with cloth and cardboard to create an incredible cosplay costume that shows off her exquisite butt. This beautiful blonde is deserving of being number 1 on my  Top 10 Hottest Cammy Cosplay Photos list.



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