Monday, August 4, 2014

The Top 10 Hottest Cosplay Girl Photos In The World!

There’s ‘hot’ cosplay pics and there’s ‘mind-boggling, eye exploding, drool worthy’ cosplay pics. So I’ve done what I do best and scoured the internet for the absolute hottest Cosplay Girl photos. Here’s my top

10 hot cosplay girl photos based on online popularity, hotness and photo quality. 10. Reddit is easily the best content ranking system in the world, floating the best of the best to the top of the pile. So what cosplay pic does Reddit rank above all others? Well there’s actually a couple so view them here: 
9. Here’s another of Reddit’s top ranked pics and it’s just too damn great to ignore.
8. When searching for the most popular of anything then you need to check out the coolest websites around and the one that’s buzzing now is tumblr and according to tumblr one of the hottest cosplay girl pics is below… and I’m going to agree.
7. There’s cosplay and then there’s ero-cosplay which is much more adults only (yes cosplay plus nudity! I was shocked) here’s an almost-adults-only pic from a very well known ero-cosplay photoshoot.
6. I had to include at least 1 photo of Kasumi from the Dead or Alive computer game series because there’s just so many hot pics that have appeared because of this one virtual girl. I started off with the below pic but then remembered there’s an even hotter Kasumi Cosplay girl on my site, so check them both out below.
Random Kasumi Cosplay Girl
Sofi as Kasumi
5. This isn’t the sexiest photo in the world but I’m making it number 5 on the ‘Hottest Cosplay Girl Photos In The World’ list because in this photo she looks like the most beautiful asian girl in the world, just pure perfection.
4. The quality of this photo isn’t the best but daaaaamn it’s impressive, it also ranks so highly because it’s just such a popular photo appearing in all sorts of male dominated forums.
3. I couldn’t find the original source of this photo it’s just on a load of ‘sexy girl’ websites (the earliest version of this photo was found at, a rather adult site) but the quality of the photo and the pure cuteness of the girl is astounding.
2. If you’re going to have a ‘hot cosplay photo countdown’ having the most popular western cosplayer Jessica Nigri is mandatory! Check out one of her best photos below or see a full gallery of photos on my Jessica Nigri post.
1. This photo might not have the best lighting but in terms of hotness and popularity this elf cosplay is 10 out of 10. If you goggle hot cosplay girls or anything similar this photo appears again and again, it’s just so damn hot. So check it out, my number 1. hot cosplay girl photo is:



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